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November 17, 2021

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Immigrant Alliance of Mississippi Reacts To Senator Booker Comments On Deferred Action For Food Workers 


“Senator Booker is right.  And we invite the Senator to join us on our journey for justice.” 

See full video of the exchange here


Jackson, Mississippi - In response to the exchange today by US Senator Cory Booker (D, NJ) and Dept of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on the need for DHS to protect immigrant workers impacted by ICE raids and workplace abuse - and making reference specifically to the workers impacted by the 2019 ICE workplace raids - IAJE of Mississippi Executive Director Lorena Quiroz issued the following statement:  


“Senator Booker is right that the country owes a debt of gratitude to all workers feeding this nation, and he is also right that the looming threat of deportation undermines working conditions for everyone - while allowing unscrupulous employers to maintain what are slave-like conditions in many industries.  In Mississippi, ICE terrorized our community with raids two years ago, and that pain persists.  Families are still separated.  Wages and working conditions in poultry factories are as bad as ever.  


“We are grateful to have our struggle seen and heard in the halls of Congress, and we invite Senator Booker to join us in Mississippi to ensure that we get the respect and the justice we deserve- that you might join us, Senator, on our journey for justice.  


“We hope and expect Secretary Mayorkas will do the same.  If he is interested in reviewing the problem of how ICE enforcement undermines labor enforcement, his first stop should be here where hundreds of families are experts on the topic.  The promises made by Secretary Mayorkas are an important step, but they will ultimately ring hollow if there is no progress right here in Mississippi.” 


In August, on the 2 year anniversary of the 2019 ICE raids, Mississippi workers with IAJE of MS filed a request with the US Labor Department to repair the harms committed by ICE’s workplace raids.