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IAJE Membership Identification Cards

Let’s Work Together

Acceptable Forms of ID:

  • ID from Country of Origin

  • Birth Certificate

  • Driver’s License

  • State-Issued ID Card

  • Passport

  • U.S. Immigration Document

Officers of the Immigrant Alliance for Justice and Equity certify that, this ID holder has presented valid identification(s) at the time of applying for IAJE identification.

About the Immigrant Alliance for Justice and Equity Membership ID Program

The IAJE Membership ID Program is designed to allow immigrants and others in the community who have barriers obtaining a government-issued identification to have an alternative, valid way of identifying themselves to local law enforcement. IAJE Membership IDs certify that individuals are who they say they are, that they are a part of the community, and that they have the support of community members and the organization behind them. 

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