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Advancing Our Agenda

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Queer and Trans Justice Project

Grassroots Organizing

IAJE's main strategy for making change and building power in Mississippi is grassroots community organizing.  Our beliefs that impacted individuals are the experts of their own lives, genuine relationships are at the core of building a movement, and all people - no matter immigration status - deserve dignity are the framework from which we work.

To get involved with our comité or promotora programs, please fill out this form.

IAJE Amigos!

Making a difference. Generosity of spirit.  Lifeblood. This is what comes to mind when thinking of current IAJE volunteers.  From interpreting and translating to directing traffic at events to playing kickball with children, IAJE is seeking reliable and compassionate folks to volunteer with us. 

To become a volunteer, please fill out this form.

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IAJE Youth Fellowship

Our youth fellowship 2021 is a pilot program that was developed by organizers and youth members who have been transformed by their experience in working with IAJE. Our youth have been an integral part of IAJE’s growth: they have worked silently since the raids, sat alongside their parents as we met, deliberated and planned agendas, formed Promotores and Delta committees, and produced amazing art pieces that they put on display for the world to see at the Dept. of Homeland Security’s Tougaloo hearing brought by Representative Thompson in November 2019, at the Anniversary and Commemoration of the raids in 2020, and in our Relay for Freedom 2021.


Through their work in different art mediums, joining voices with their parents, beautiful and touching renditions of their countries’ national anthems, they have helped shape our vision of the future we want to see for immigrants and their children in Mississippi.


We at IAJE know this work will continue through them. It is our responsibility to lay the groundwork and equip them to continue to resist.

IAJE is a pro-LGBQIA+ and pro-trans organization. We are committed to uplifting, making space for, and empowering LGBTQIA+ immigrants and children of immigrants. The goals of our Queer and Trans Justice Project are to to build a LGBTQIA+ specific comité, to build a network LGBTQIA+ immigrants across Mississippi, to create an organizing culture within IAJE that is culturally competent and responsive when dealing with LGBTQIA+ immigrants’s issues, and to create a safe state for LGBTQIA+ immigrants and children of immigrants.  All ages are welcome!


To join our Queer Trans Comite, please fill out this form

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