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de Salud

What We Do

Promotoras de Salud, or community health workers, are trusted community leaders and members who provide culturally appropriate support in health prevention. We are in the communities and currently are a group of 15 promotoras that are continously active, sharing health and helping families. Our message is focused on the power of emotional intelligence and the use of positive language in our daily lives. Along with that, we are involved in an innervational educational program that gives us tools to diminish various health problems. 

We were founded during the growing needs of our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The IAJE promotoras provide personal protective equipment, coordinate food donations, and supervise  the redistribution of necessary resources in various communities in the central region of the state.


The Promotoras de Salud/Community Health Workers are the connection between community and the public healthcare system. In IAJE the promotoras operate under the CDC Community Health Worker model. We currently have promotoras in Canton, Jackson, Morton, Laurel, Forest, Carthage and Cleveland.
If you are interested in our promotora program, visit our social media for more information. 

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