Ending the HIV Epidemic

IAJE's Objectives

  • Assist the MSDH STD/HIV Office to provide rapid HIV testing, and linkage to care and early initiation of ART to HIV positive patients within MSDH required timeline.

  • Sign and post on organizational website and social media platforms MS ETHE/ETE Task Force Statewide Anti-Stigma Sign-On Letter.  

  • CHW will provide PrEP/PEP navigation, non-medical case management,  HIV screening, education, linkage to care and referral services. 

  • Identify a PrEP/PEP Provider Champion in each of your service area(s).

  • Ensure all project staff join and be active on the MS HIV Planning Council (MHPC) or the MS ETHE/ETE Task Force.

  • Document HIV Opt-out testing policy and procedures throughout service area(s).

  • Increase the number of individuals screened for HIV within clinical and community  settings.  

  • Increase the number of community engagement activities conducted by health centers

  • Ensure that all project staff agree to become an active member of the MS HIV Cluster

  • Purchase ETHE/ETE Marketing and Promotional items as prescribed by ETHE/ETE  administrator(s). 

IAJE Beliefs & Strategies

  • Every person is worthy of dignity and respect.

  • People are the experts of their own lives and have the right to self-determination

  • Community organizing is the best way to empower people. IAJE supports organizing that builds collective power and leadership that begins with people who are most impacted

  • Sexual health is health.

  • Race, Class, Culture, Gender, Sexuality, and Health are inherently connected. 

IAJE Spanish HIV Information Brochure PDF
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Mississippi’s  Ending  the HIV Epidemic  Plan (English)