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Ending the HIV Epidemic

IAJE's Objectives


  • Take steps to become a rapid HIV testing site

  • Partner with local community-based organizations for rapid HIV testing and outreach events

  • Research and develop a plan to make testing more accessible

  • Identify a champion for the LATINX community to promote testing and education


  • Find or develop relationships and links to care

  • Create a strategy for medication and treatment compliance


  • Identify gaps in existing prevention and care services

  • Design tailored interventions that address our community’s specific needs

  • Identify a champion for the LATINX community for prevention and care and services needs


  • Find nearby free or low-cost testing that have interpreters

  • Find PrEP providers

  • Work with the Department of Mental Health and the Department of Health to strategize a plan to develop syringe services programs (SSPs)

Stigma Reduction Plan

  • Decrease stigma and provide life-affirming messaging and care

  • Host and participate in HIV/STI events - Breaking the Taboo

  • Transnational approach

  • Conduct and report MS specific survey of subgroups and beliefs

Cultural Sensitivity

  • Taming the -ismos - machismo, marianismo, familismo, fatalismo

  • Develop a MS specific campaign geared towards LATINX community

  • Spanish resources

    • Work with IAJE Health Justice organizer to develop and train Promotoras de Salud in HIV work

    • Partner with Federally Qualified Health Centers in Mississippi to create and distribute Spanish resources

  • Promotoras de VIH

    • Develop a MS specific Latinx HIV campaign for ending the HIV epidemic - #tomalaprueba

    • Partner with Community Based Organizations in Mississippi to create and distribute Spanish resources

IAJE Beliefs & Strategies

  • Every person is worthy of dignity and respect.

  • People are the experts of their own lives and have the right to self-determination

  • Community organizing is the best way to empower people. IAJE supports organizing that builds collective power and leadership that begins with people who are most impacted

  • Sexual health is health.

  • Race, Class, Culture, Gender, Sexuality, and Health are inherently connected. 

IAJE Spanish HIV Information Brochure PDF
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Mississippi’s  Ending  the HIV Epidemic  Plan (English)

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